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In combination with the innovative InteliClamp® the PSC offers real-time speed measurement control. This patented solution is the first of it's kind on the market! This system is compatible with all Muarah turntables and numerous other brands. Please get in touch if your are interested in trying it with another turntable. 

Precision Speed Controller (PSC)

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Nominal speed: 33.33, 45.00 rpm

    Output 230V or 120V (5W max): <2% THD (Note 1)

    Output frequency stability: < +/-0.00005%

    Output frequency error: < 0.0005%

    Speed measurement resolution: +/- 0.01 rpm

    Pitch control: +/-2rpm with 0.01rpm resolution

    Automatic speed regulation accuracy 33.33, 45.00rpm: +/-0.01 rpm

    Dimensions (width/length/height): 21cm/35cm/11cm

    PSC weight 3.1kg/6.8lbs

    InteliClamp® dimensions (diameter/height): 78mm/52mm

    InteliClamp® weight: 570g

    Power consumption: < 40VA (Note 1)

    InteliClamp® battery lifetime: approx. 4 months @ one record played per day

    Note 1: Parameters can vary for different PSC versions

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